Tamaryn Design celebrates my love of color, textiles and artisan culture. My limited-edition clothing, accessories and home items incorporate new and reclaimed materials, all of which tell a current and unique story.

As a young girl, I learned about recycling and sewing, as I watched my grandmother Ciel, a tailor in Wheeling, West Virginia. At the end of every season, she would collect men’s sample suiting swatches- these “useless” fabric rectangles- and hand-sew them into quilts. She taught me how to sew and importantly- the beauty and value of reclaiming what others discard. I was fascinated, and in fifth grade, my parents bought me a Sears sewing machine, which I still use today.

Years passed along with various adventures and a degree in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design. My graphic design firm moved quickly from hand work to digital/UX, and after 20 years, my need to return to touch what I made grew. As did my interest in global travels, artisans, and a growing collection of old and new textiles.

I was born with a curiosity and sense of adventure about the world, which led me to many global explorations. A six-month journey to Vietnam with my Vietnamese-born daughter Tamaryn became a seven-year residency. I met local artisans, learned about traditional materials and processes in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and beyond. In Hanoi, I designed handbags, upcycled silk scarves, women’s tops and jackets, created products for NGOs, training and working with post-production waste.

Inspired by artisans and natural dyeing, slow-making and new and traditional techniques, my passions are: returning purpose and usefulness to abandoned materials, and a commitment to respect traditions, sustainability and our environment. And of course, to have fun doing this.