Not Quite A Tourist

Not Quite A Tourist

I have been in and out of Bangkok so many times over the years, and though I will always be a "falong"- I don't quite feel like the tourist I was on my first few trips. While most are clicking selfies at these amazing sites, I look at other interesting fascinating and amazing sites.

Just so you know, I am waiting for an excuse to revisit all these sites again- the shining gold and jade statues, the Grand Palace, too many temples, Chinatown, museums, the canals and floating market, etc. When one of you decides to join me, I will happily do it ALL again. Definitely am on the road to recovery after being "templed"- and "museum-ed-out" for quite a while by now.

I am off to one of my favorite places in BKK: Chatajuck Market, also called the weekend market or JJ market. Give me a good market, and I can be happy for a very long time (my daughter will confirm)- and this one has got everything; pets, clothes, dishes, candles, shoes, jewelry, food food food, people people people. Etc.

It's Friday, though, the Day Before the weekend and the lanes are lined with cars, not people. What a contrast. Most shops were either closed or just barely starting to set up for the imminent deluge. Great out-takes, while everyone is busy or or at least thinking about it. Not that I didn't seek out my vendors, but had some fun walking the empty lanes.



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